Why You Should Buy Property in Connaught Place in Delhi ?

Why You Should Buy Property in Connaught Place in Delhi ?

Buying a property means investing one’s hard-earned money into real estate with hopes & aspirations of a good future & impressive ROI (Return on Investment), which beats the overall inflation to yield some concrete profits. There are a number of factors that affect the overall prospects of a property. These factors have a very wide range & also include godsend considerations. The commercial & residential hub of the capital, Connaught Place holds a very promising prospect for growth & development as it continues to maintain its place in the top 10 most expensive real estate in the world as per the CBRE report.

With its alluring history, ever since the British decided to shift its capital to Delhi, Connaught place has been a center of gravity. Today, the place offers a perfect blend of modernity, connectivity and reliability marked by its outstanding elegance of Georgian-style architecture. There are a host of factors that amplifies its mark on the Real estate market- both residential & commercial. These factors have the consideration of both Past & future & hence provide a perfect go-to spot for long as well as short term investments, also making it a quintessential place for one’s residence.

The location advantage of CP makes it outshine its peers & establishes it as the much sought-after real estate right at the heart of New Delhi. These factors are as follows :

  • One of the most high-end real estate in the world

As per CBREs’ Global Prime Office Occupancy Costs survey, Connaught place holds its place among the top ten most expensive places to own a commercial or residential property. Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex and Nariman Point CBD hardly made it to the list of the top 50 most expensive real estate places. It makes Connaught Place, which goes by the lingo name of C.P, a place where owning a property means assured decent returns on investment. Thanks to the commercial activities centered in Connaught Place, Income from Rental Income, too, has a magnificent sharing of income here.

Due to scarcity of land, high demand, and excellent location, Connaught Place is one of the costliest business districts on the face of the earth.

  • Good Connectivity 

The star & grid pattern of the arterial road network with 12 well-lit & wide roads connects Connaught Place’s outer circle not only to the hot spots of Delhi but even the satellite towns of Gurugram & Noida. The public bus fleet here provides good connectivity to the everyday footfall of customers & visitors. The Rajiv Chowk Metro Station (Yellow Line) is entirely dedicated to catering to the needs of the Outer & inner circles of this commercial & residential hub. Over the past decade, the connectivity prospect has witnessed a complete overhaul of the connectivity in the area. The circular area plays nectar for the monetary activities here, augmented by its railway connectivity with New Delhi Railway Station in proximity.

  • Mesmerising Architecture

The architecture of Connaught Place also holds a heritage feeling for those who find themselves at peace with classic architecture in the valorization of modernity. The Georgian-style architecture makes the place outshine & reminds one of the glorious & wealthy past the place has. The buildings here make a grid of two concentric circles- The Inner circle & The Outer Circle- leading to 12 arterial roads, which act as the lifeline for the place. These exquisite buildings, mostly of Georgian Style but with some new modern architectural build as well, most popular shopping centers, fine dining restaurants & entertainment hotspots like cinema halls.

  • Patriotic Standing

The heritage point of CP – Central Park has the highest National Flag in the country. The 207 ft high Tricolour standing at the center of Connaught Place instills a sense of patriotism in the mind of the passersby. Additionally, Central Park itself is known for the panoramic & enthralling view it offers to visitors.

  • A Promising Future

Connaught Place holds a prospect that is like investment nectar for the investors as not only the current economic prospects of the place are quite meteoric, but even the future prospects are bound to break the records. Under the Delhi Master Plan (MPD- 2021) released by DDA, Connaught Place has been declared the Metropolitan City Centre in the city. The future plans for further growth & development of the area include the introduction of central air-conditioning for offices, the extension of nighttime for shops in the inner circle, and a car-free zone at night.

  • High-End Rentals

CP is known, among other things, for its high rentals. Due to scarcity of land & high demand, renting a shop here means high expenditure. Rentals vary with each floor & location of the building. With the area being one of the major footfall receivers, the earning prospects here are deliverable & impressive. One can see the place throned with chains of national & international brands.

All the aforementioned factors make the prospect of owning a residential property in Connaught Place appealing. One such property, which has the hallmark of the reputed Godrej Builders, is set to see the light of the day right in the heart of Connaught Place. The pristine residential property is Godrej Connaught one. This is one of the state-Of-The-Art residential Godrej Properties in CP. Endowed with all the required amenities for leading a good & comfortable life, this under-construction residential cosmos has all the pre-demarcated spaces including spacious halls, gymnasium, swimming pool, Spa, Intercom facilities, Kids’ play area & 24*7 security surveillance consisting of a three-tier security system, etc.

Connaught One by Godrej boasts its connectivity with Rajiv Chowk Metro station & New Delhi Metro Station, along with 12 arterial roads connecting it not only to other areas in Delhi but also with the satellite cities of Noida, Gurugram & Faridabad, etc. Godrej Connaught Place ROI (Return On Investment) to speaks volumes about the strategic location of this exuberant & pristine residential project right in the heart of the ever-vibrant Capital city.

Luxurious Apartments to live in Noida

Luxurious Apartments to live in Noida

YOLO : You Only Live Once is the buzzing word on the lips of the Millenials & everybody alike. Living like a king, enjoying like a star & dreaming like a cat is what everyone wants. Convenient should be the lifestyle to “Eat, Drink & be Merry” now remains the much talked about topic of the time. All this chitter-chatter paradise translates into reality when one chooses to live in a luxurious apartment, that too at the heart of India’s IT capital, where life never stops & the Saga of amplifying growth journey never ends, where the ancient meets the future, where rests a perfect blend of traditions with modernity- the city of Noida has it all.

When one decides to live in a luxurious apartment in Noida, the Rent-Vs-Buy conundrum is what baffles one the most. The decision you make should be a prudent & pragmatic one. Especially considering the post-COVID world, you can’t afford to be on the wrong side. In the post-COVID world, when the prices of the properties have plummeted like never before, it is high time to buy not just a common residence but a luxurious apartment with all the world-class amenities & a wonderful ambiance of the gated community – drooling exteriors, interior & tech-enabled security.

When it comes to the lifestyle in the apartments in Noida, there are a host of perks & privileges one can expect as the legitimate folks of the cosmos that you call your retreat & escape place. These additionalities include, among other things, the following –

Drooling amenities

Amenities that mesmerise oneself to the core & bring to light the real joy of a child, mark the apartments not only from inside but all around. These amenities speak for themselves as they make life a bed of roses for the folks. These amenities generally include Fitness studio and fitness classes, Rooftop or garden patios, Grilling or BBQ stations, Pools and hot tubs, Pet-friendly community with dog runs or pet washing areas, Entertainment areas (game rooms, television rooms, etc.), Common areas for private parties, Parking and bike storage & Package concierge services etc.

A community that resembles a family

Life inside the gated community of luxurious apartments is fascinatingly enthralling too. With all the like-minded people around you, life becomes truly exemplified. The provision of shared spaces gives an upfront opportunity of making new friendships, taking relations to new heights & paradise oneself to the dream island.

Location: the precinct that speaks for itself

Location is all that remains on the priority list when it comes to luxurious apartments. From the vicinity to all the tourist & essential visit places, all of them should be in the area of a couple of furlongs. Fortunately, all these places have their locations in perfect perimeter to the luxury apartments in Noida. From swanky malls to hospitals to schools & universities, all of them fall under the rapprochement.

Fitness centers

Health is wealth as they say. Luxury apartments have got you covered. With world-class fitness rooms, Gyms & yoga studios, and luxurious apartments deliver to you the lively experience of healthy life from the inside out. Rooftop gardens & walking strolls on the ground come as a part & parcel of these exuberant apartments.

No room for clutter

As the word itself defines, the sense of luxury comes when there is no clutter in the room. As a thumb rule, luxury apartments are tech-enabled with clearly demarcated space for the requirements of day-to-day necessities, be it kitchenette, clothing area, bathing area or shoe racks for that matter. All the spaces are already well defined, well furnished & tech-enabled to save both – space & time, & at the same time provide a sense of superior living.


When it comes to connectivity, luxury apartments in Noida meet your expectations way beyond the set benchmarks of the market. As evident by its strategic location, Noida is well connected with all modes & kinds of transport. With the Greater Noida expressway and the Jewar Airport in its bag, Noida also has the longest stretch of the Delhi metro which is the lifeline of the millennials. As Noida is connected to Delhi and Ghaziabad through expressways, the dream of living in a well-connected city at an affordable price comes to life here The Yamuna Expressway connects it to Mathura, Agra, and beyond. The Noida-Greater Noida expressway is also a major thoroughfare. It serves as a vital connectivity link for those traveling from Ghaziabad.

Perks & privileges of living in luxurious apartments in Noida itself have their own crown lines to the Moon. But if you are confused about what apartment would be right for you to invest your hard-earned money in, then the suggestion would be that whatever luxury apartment you choose, it must meet the majority of the criteria, if not all, mentioned above & like. Your investment should also be a fruitful one when it comes to ROI (Return-On-Investment) if you plan to relocate to another city in the future. You should not only be able to recover your original investment but also be able to earn dividends on your investment which must be higher than the inflation rate. Only then would there be some sense in your luxury apartments. For instance, there are many luxury apartments in Noida that not only pay you dividends but also provide you with all the aforementioned amenities.

For example luxurious apartments by the Godrej at the heart of Noida-

Godrej Woods in Sector 43 Noida


godrej woods sector 43 noida


Godrej Woods at sector 43 Noida not only provides all the aforementioned amenities & good ROI but it is gold-rated by IGBC (Indian Green building council) which makes it a perfect luxury dwelling for you & your loved ones. Godrej Woods Noida is nestled in the urban forest theme, it also provides you with green natural calmness & solitudinal peace & yet connects you to the bustling happenings of city life. The floor plan here has the options of 2,3,4 & 5 BHK options as per the needs & budget of the residents.


Godrej Nest in Sector 150 Noida




Godrej Nest in Noida provides you with all the required amenities & drooling facilities which shapes the lifestyle of the residents to a great extent. The 5 tier security parameters here ensure safety remains on the top of the priority list. The floor plan options here include 2,3 & 4 BHK apartments. You can easily choose from them as per your needs & investment plan.

Godrej Palm Retreat in Sector 150 Noida



Godrej Palm Retreat at sector 150 Noida is embedded with all the above mentioned amenities. With a handsome ROI, the property also provides a sense of luxury & security with its world class tech-enabled security system which works round the clock to ensure that safety of the residents is ensured. Uniquely designed best in class floating restaurant and multi-level pool make it the perfect destination for those who want to spend quality time with their near & dear ones but do not have spare time for travelling. The floor plan options are as follows – 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK units.

What is FSI (Floor a Space Index) And How FSI Can Be Calculated

What is FSI (Floor a Space Index) And How FSI Can Be Calculated

About Floor Space Index


Living spaces make our cities alive and breathing, and they have a big part to play in our human experience. The FSI is the ratio of built-up space vs plot of land. Or the total area covered by all the floors of the building, divided by the total area of the property upon which it’s built upon. This is an effective way to build upon and actually know the distinctions between the actual plot size and the intricacies of the design behind the same.

The significance of this paradigm is for the buyer and the developer to actualize and bring to fruition how much construction needs to be done on a particular piece of land. The amenities, type of the building, and the zone in which the premises is located, the entirety of the plot is considered otherwise, i.e.  taking in the aspects such as the size, locality and end-use of the property.

The system mentioned above differs from place to place and from one municipal corporation to another, and from municipal council to another and so on.

**On the other hand, the gross floor area (GFA) is the total of all the floors in the building minus the parking, balcony, driveway, and walkway, among other things.


Floor Space Index Formula


As being mentioned earlier, floor space index is the area covered by all the floors of the building divided by the total area of the plot. For instance, if the FSI is 1.0 in its cumulative form, only 1,000 sq. ft. of construction can be done on the property amounting to 1,000 sq. ft.

*It is also essential to remember that construction companies or builders can only build-up to the FSI imposed by the regulatory authority; the government.


Importance of FSI


Floor Space Index holds a significant space in the socio-architectural designs of urban planning, gives a comprehensive idea on how a city can be better managed through the effective ways of calculated accountability of imbibing water management, sewage treatment and other forms; primarily to control the population density of an area.

As we know, every region that defines the spirit of this country is different and therefore, it becomes imperative to count in the floor space index to maximize the potentiality of how living residential/ commercial spaces can be effectively used to make our lives better in general. The management of spaces becomes even more important with the passage of time; an unprecedented developmental rate and an ever-more growing population would require a better system to optimize the residential spaces to accommodate for the growing population, industrial upsurge and socio-political circumstances.

Furthermore, FSI also plays an important role in deciding the pricing of the building; for instance, the residential spaces with a relatively lower floor space index encapsulate a better market value because of their lower population density and so on. Godrej Properties with their impeccable, top-of-the-line property spaces provide with the best FSI value, making spectacular spaces to reside and invest in.

With the notable variations that the FSI can bring about, ranging from commercial/ residential and premium spaces, the final price of the property is still governed by multiple factors and not just FSI alone, as being mentioned earlier.

Looking into a different perspective, the developer will prefer a higher FSI ratio because a higher floor space index would imply more apartments can be developed and sold. Taking into consideration the unprecedented demand for the real estate in the ecosystem of India, increasing the floor space index would be beneficial if other factors such as sustainability and city management were looked after and thoroughly considered.



The article mentioned above talks about the significance of floor plan index (FSI) and its implications in terms of urban planning; a few takeaways from this are mentioned below:

  • The Floor Space Index is the total area of the constructed plot divided by the property’s total size.
  • The higher the FSI, the lower the rates of the residential/commercial and vice-versa.
  • FSI is an imperative factor while evaluating the value of the property.
  • Locality, Type of Property, Categorical Zone etc., are other factors that are taken into consideration while deciphering the value of any given property along with the FSI.
9 Documents You Need to Consider While Buying a Property in India

9 Documents You Need to Consider While Buying a Property in India

Property Purchasing involves a lot of documentation processing. From home loans to property registration, you would always need to carry a few essential documents while purchasing a brand new residential property. Besides that, you will also have to go through many documentation processing to establish your legal claim over your desired property. Read this article to know more about the essential documents and the documentation processing you would require while buying a residential and commercial property in India.

The Premise-How Documentation has Become a Priority While Buying a Home in India?


Buying a residential property in India has always been a complex affair. But in recent decades, the exponential rise in property prices has made home buying a more distant dream. In the old days, your long term savings were sufficient to buy residential flats, houses, villas and apartments.

But nowadays, the average market price of residential properties is rising so exponentially that your entire life savings would probably not be good enough to go for an outright purchase.

It is almost unimaginable to buy a property without a home loan in today’s hyperinflated economic era. Besides that, loans are a more convenient and profitable option, as the home buyers do not have to pay the entire payable amount in one go.

On top of that, home loans are also available at cheap interest rates, and you, as a smart buyer, can take the leverage of it by applying for a tax deduction based on the interest you pay for your home loan.

And perhaps that is why more and more home buyers in India prefer to buy their dream properties through home loans rather than paying a huge chunk of payment directly. However, even if you have enough money, you should not go with direct and outright purchases, as it will create unnecessary financial stress and a burden on your shoulders.

So today’s most fundamental challenge for a prospective home buyer is not to arrange the entire payable amount. But it is more about collecting enough money so that they can at least pay off their home loan dues and maintain other allied expenditures such as registration charges, maintenance charges and charges related to deductible tax applicable on the source and statutory duties.

In India, many new home buyers are completely unaware of how to apply for a home loan or, for that matter, even the necessary documents that are mandatory while applying to the respective issues. But to apply for a home loan, you also need to carry a few essential documents without which banks would not even process your application.

Essential Instruments for Property Documentation


Deeds that Establish Your Claim:

  • Sale deeds or what is also known as title deeds or conveyance deeds, are a set of essential documents that you must acquire while going through the selling and purchasing processes.
  • They are important for both property buyers and sellers. If you are a buyer, these deeds would legally establish your ownership rights over a purchased property.
  • And, if you’re a seller, these documents would validate the fact that you are the rightful owner, one who is only eligible to sell that respective property.
  • It would help if you always preferred to obtain a registered sales deed issued and registered by the sub-registrar’s office.


Get Information from Mutation Register

  • Before you finalize your deal and buy a residential property, you must extract all the necessary and legal information about the last and present owner, their mode of ownership, modes of purchase, land or property configuration and type of the land.
  • Consult a field expert from a mutation register that contains data related to these essentials mentioned above.


Government Approved NOC Certificate:

  • A NOC or No objection certificate is a vital property document that shows you have zero statutory dues left on your property.
  • It is a legal assurance that your property is regularized and does not face any legal dispute, demolition or acquisition as well.
  • Get a NOC for your property. Visit the relevant government department to get the issues as soon as possible.


House & Property Tax Documents & Tax Receipts

  • Ask your seller to produce at least one photocopy of the last five years of tax receipts and bank statements related to house tax and property tax payments to ensure that the property has no previous house and property tax dues.


General Power Of Attorney or GPA

  • Suppose the last or last to last sale/purchase of the concerned property has been done by a person with the legal authority of GPA. Then you need to ask your property seller to bring the original copy and a photocopy of the GPA while inking the property deal.
  • The GPA would ascertain that the person selling the respective house or a piece of land or who had sold the same in the last or last to last transaction is/was an authentic person and has all the legal rights and authorization to do so.


Most Essential Personal Documents

  • The three most essential documents you must bear while buying a property are the Aadhar Card, the Pan Card, and the Voter Identity Card.
  • In India, buyers and sellers would also have to produce their Permanent Residentship certificate or PRC and birth certificate while inking a property deal before the judicial magistrate.


Check out the Building Plan & Layouts

  • Please look at the original copy of the respective building plan before purchasing it. It will help you understand whether the building is constructed according to the approved plan or if it has some flaws within it.
  • Consult an experienced civil engineer and ask him to find out if the builder has escaped some code of construction.
  • Also, you can ask your builder or the seller to provide you with a copy of the building layout. It would allow you to ascertain the authenticity of the builder.


Acquire the Allotment Letter

  • While purchasing a property in a residential society or from a real estate builder, you should always obtain the allotment letter ASAP.
  • An allotment letter is a legally binding document that shows the data about the paid amount and the outstanding amount of money you need to pay to the builder or the society on account of this property deal.
  • An allotment letter would also ensure your possession rights over the property and that it has already been allocated to you for living.


Document of Selling-Agreement

To make sure that the deal is respectfully agreed by both the parties and equally binding to the seller and buyers, you need to ink down an agreement to sell. It will be drafted on stamp papers and will be acknowledged by the sub-registrar.

What is Fractional Ownership in India?

What is Fractional Ownership in India?

Everybody wants to own a property of their own. But buying a brand new property is a costly affair, something that bothers a lot of new home buyers. And perhaps that is why you would see a lot of people in India work tirelessly for their entire life so that they can save enough money to afford a luxury property after their retirement.

But what if I tell you that you don’t have to work for your entire life to own a property. Won’t you be astounded if you can claim the ownership of your desired assets in a much more convenient and affordable manner? What if you could buy a fraction of your preferred property, at least if not in its entirety, and still extract rental revenue from that particular fraction of property. Truly Amazing! Right?

The concept of fractional property is new to India, yet it spreads like a fever across urban societies. It is a new way of becoming an owner of your dream property that you have been eying for quite a long time. Read the following blog and learn about the intricacies of fractional ownership in India.

Defining Fractional Ownership

In the case of fractional ownership, a group of real estate investors or a group of property buyers can come together to pull out adequate funds to buy a property in its entirety while sharing passive ownership terms and conditions for high-value real estate. This kind of property ownership significantly mitigates the overall financial burden of a single investor, provides a golden opportunity to own a property on a cumulative basis, and allows the investors to earn a decent return on investment.

Types of Property that Can be Fractionally Owned

  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • A yacht & Jet
  • A warehouse
  • Vehicle & Equipment
  • Leased furniture

Quintessential Facts that You Must not Undermine

  • All the investors, you will also have to share the overall income and expenses arising out of the ownership of that asset, and that too at a correct proportion, based on their initial shares of investments.
  • As per the current market trends, the minimum investment you need to own assets like vehicles & equipment can be as low as 20k.
  • On the other hand, the minimum investment required to obtain fractional ownership of a commercial property can be as minimum as ₹5 Lakh.
  • A Specific Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is there to carry out owning fractional ownership of a commercial property. SPV is a financial vehicle that allows investors to raise funds and provide means to manage a fractional property. And as an investor of a fractionally owned property, you will get the ownership of shares of the SPV holding the property.

Why Choose Fractional Ownership?

  • Fractional ownership is the best option to choose when you have to own less liquid assets, hard to manage not affordable for single or small investors.
  • Owing a high-value asset would automatically put you in the limelight and portray your image in bright light. As a result, people would start following you and your actions, creating a more significant trend and better reputation and public image without making the total investment.
  • The total amount of money you invest in owning a fractional property gets dispersed further into net distributed cash flow.
  • Unlike other kinds of investment, No extra charges will be levied on your investment by a fractional investment company, except for some small and reasonable fee.
  • Fractional ownership is way more profitable than the conventional style of investments, as the investment becomes mature and stable over time.
  • While dealing with fractional property, you must wait for at least five to eight years so that property.  Values get appreciated over time. Meanwhile, you can also sell your shares before this maturity period.

Drawbacks that You Must know 

  • Ownership of a fractional property does not guarantee any income certainty, like what you get in bonds and shares.
  • The chances of getting scammed or deceived or the probability of fraud cases are not less here. So be very careful of where you are investing your money.

However, if you are interested in real estate investing, you can also take a look at the Godrej Properties in Noida. Godrej is a reputed real estate firm in India, and they have come up with a large variety of investment options in the residential and commercial segment.